6 Signs You Need New Windows

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Even the best quality windows aren’t going to last forever. Several factors, like how well they are maintained, the weather they have endured, and the type of frames and glass you choose, will play a part in how long your windows stay in tip-top shape. When your windows are beyond repair, you need to replace them. The following 6 signs you need new windows let you it’s time to replace them sooner rather than later.

1. They are Worn Out

Rot or warping are big indicators that you need to replace your windows. Wooden window frames, in particular, can be tricky to keep in good condition. Once rot has set into the wood, it can be hard to halt and keep on top of the decay. Rain becomes a nightmare, and repairing the window takes more effort than replacing it. If you leave it, the rot will worsen, making your window harder to open or close.

Poor-quality vinyl windows may discolor over time and can become warped as they expand in the heat. A failing seal leads to water leaks and condensation, while failing glazing leads to cracks, chips, holes, and scratches, making it hard to establish comfortable temperatures in the home.

2. High Energy Bills

If your energy bills are increasing despite maintaining the same usage patterns, it could be due to air leaks around your windows. Air leaks cause your heating or cooling system to work harder than necessary to maintain the desired indoor temperature.

You can check for air leaks by standing next to your windows and seeing if it feels cooler than the rest of the room. If the glass is cold to the touch, you’re likely wasting energy. Older windows are often single-paned and more vulnerable to leaks.

3. Difficulty Opening or Closing

There are plenty of reasons why the window has become impossible to open. One is it’s been painted shut. Another could be due to warped or damaged frames or sashes. Warped window frames become the wrong size for the aperture. Lastly, your home’s foundation might have shifted, and the window frame no longer fits in the space properly. In all of these instances, a new window will solve the problem.

6 Signs You Need New Windows

4. Outside Noise Finds Its Way in More Often

Old windows can fail to provide adequate sound insulation. You may notice a lot of outside noise filtering in, causing a disturbance. Modern windows are designed to reduce sound transfer which can make a huge difference if you live near a busy street. If you hear noise from outside when you are standing next to a closed window, this is an indicator that your window is old and needs to be replaced.

5. Drafts

Drafts can often occur when the window doesn’t shut properly. If you feel a draft when you stand near a closed window, it could mean the window is not sealing properly. If the locking mechanism is no longer working, this can also lead to a draft. Drafty windows can cause your energy bills to increase, and if they are not replaced, you’ll continue to waste energy and pay more than you should. New windows are significantly more energy efficient than old ones, and installing them can save you money in the long run.

6. Window Leaks and Condensation

The amount of light that enters through your windows can be ruined if moisture gets between the panes of your windows or you start getting a build-up of condensation on the inside. Mist or moisture inside the window glass can’t be resolved and will sit there, obscuring your view and blocking the light. Condensation between the panes of a double-paned window indicates a broken seal. Moisture trapped between the panes of the glass can’t be cleaned and can lead to mold growth inside and around the window frame. The worst-case scenario is when the window starts to leak, and you end up with pools of water inside. Replacing your leaky windows is the best way to resolve these issues.

Benefits of New Windows

Installing new energy-efficient, high-quality, and attractive windows is a wise investment for several reasons:

  • Reduces heat and cool air loss to keep your home warmer or cooler for longer – helping to reduce your heating and cooling bills
  • Less outdoor noise will make its way into your home
  • They improve the look of your property and increase its value
  • Increases the amount of natural light that comes into your home.

Replace Your Windows with Luxury Home Concepts

If you’ve noticed any signs listed above, it is time to replace your windows. Replacement windows are well worth considering if you want to change your home’s functionality and efficiency. They also make your home look more attractive and provide comfort for all living inside. At Luxury Home Conceptss, we provide high-quality window replacements that fit any home style and reflect your personality. For a FREE estimate, call us at (855) 505-1718 or click here today!