Tub-to-Shower Conversion in Torrence, CA

In Torrance, California, our team at Luxury Bath Technologies Los Angeles recently completed a transformative tub-to-shower conversion project for a client. The previous plumbing system had seen better days, showing signs of wear and tear that necessitated a complete replacement.

Our first step was the careful removal of the existing bathroom materials, clearing the space for the new walk-in shower system. With the area prepped and ready, we proceeded with the installation of our state-of-the-art walk-in shower system.

This new system features modern fixtures, including handrails for added safety and convenience. To enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of the shower, we installed a large sliding glass door, providing a contemporary look and easy accessibility for the homeowner.

The result is a stunning and functional shower space that not only meets but exceeds our client’s expectations. They now enjoy a modern and accessible shower that enhances the overall appeal and functionality of their bathroom.

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The Process

Tub-to-Shower Conversion in Torrence, CA (Before)

The Results

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