Reasons to Make the Switch from Tub to Shower

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Changing up your bathroom and giving it a new look can be exciting. A bathroom remodel can mean changing the look, aesthetic, and functionality of the space. One change you can make is upgrading your current bathtub to a shower. The reasons to make the switch from tub to shower are many and can be very beneficial for you, your family, and your home. Consider the following benefits when deciding whether or not to upgrade your bathtub to a shower during your next bathroom remodel.

Reasons to Make the Switch from Tub to Shower

Switching from Tub to Shower Saves Space

Switching from a tub to a shower can save space in a bathroom, which is especially important in smaller bathrooms where space is limited. Showers typically take up less floor space than bathtubs, leaving more room for other bathroom fixtures and storage. Additionally, showers can be designed to fit into smaller or awkwardly shaped spaces, such as a corner or under a sloping ceiling.

Switching from Tub to Shower Saves Time

Switching from a tub to a shower can save time in your daily routine. Showers are generally quicker than baths; you don’t have to fill the tub with water and wait for it to drain. You can quickly get in and out of a shower, and the water can be adjusted to the desired temperature almost instantly. This makes showers a great option for people who are short on time or prefer a quicker and more efficient way to get clean.

Showers Are More Energy-Efficient than Tubs

Showers are generally more energy-efficient than tubs. This is because showers use less water than a bath, which means less energy is required to heat the water. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average shower uses about 17 gallons of water, while the average bath uses about 24. This means showers can help lower your water bills and reduce your carbon footprint, as less energy is required to heat and transport the water. Additionally, many modern showerheads are designed to be more water-efficient, which can further reduce water and energy usage.

Showers Are More Accessible than Tubs

Showers are generally more accessible than tubs, especially for people with mobility issues. This is because showers do not require stepping over a high bathtub wall, which can be difficult or dangerous for some individuals. Showers can be designed with low thresholds or even barrier-free entries, which makes them easier to enter and exit. Additionally, shower stalls can be equipped with grab bars, built-in benches, and other accessibility features to make them safer and more comfortable for people with disabilities or mobility limitations. Overall, showers are a more practical and accessible option for people of all ages and abilities.

Showers Are Generally Safer than Baths

Showers are generally considered safer than baths. There is less risk of slipping and falling in a shower than in a bathtub, where standing water can create a slippery surface. Showers can also be equipped with non-slip surfaces and grab bars, further reducing the risk of falls. Additionally, showers can be designed with curbless entries or low thresholds, eliminating the need to step over a high bathtub wall. This makes showers a safer option for people of all ages and abilities, particularly those with mobility issues or balance problems.

Showers Are Considered More Hygienic than Baths

Showers are generally considered more hygienic than baths. This is because the standing water in a bathtub can harbor bacteria and other germs, while a shower allows the water to flow down the drain and away from the body. Also, showers can be equipped with removable showerheads, which can be easily cleaned and disinfected to remove bacteria or mineral buildup. This makes showers a more sanitary option for people concerned about maintaining good hygiene and cleanliness in their bathrooms.

Upgrading Your Bathroom to a shower May Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

Upgrading your bathroom to a shower may increase the resale value of your home. Many home buyers prefer showers over tubs, especially in smaller homes or apartments with limited space. By replacing a bathtub with a modern, spacious shower, you can create a more functional and desirable bathroom that may appeal to a wider range of potential buyers. Additionally, a high-quality shower installation can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your bathroom, making your home more attractive and valuable in the eyes of buyers. Overall, upgrading to a shower can be a smart investment that pays off in increased resale value and more comfortable living space.

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