Updating a Small Bathroom

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A small bathroom can feel like a hopeless case for upgrading, but that doesn’t hold true if you have the right options available for your space requirements. With custom-sized showers and bathtubs, you can bring out the full potential of your bathroom with the limited space you have.

When considering updating your small bathroom, you want to find a bathroom remodeler, like Luxury Bath Technologies Los Angeles, with services and benefits such as these:

  • Practical Small Bathtub Options

  • Space-Friendly Small Shower Options

  • Convenient Wall Storage Solutions

Practical Small Bathtub Options

You’ll most commonly find standard 5′ tubs when searching for bathtub replacements, but for a small bathroom, that size is too long and usually too wide for your space. To solve this problem, you want a 4.5′ bathtub that will nestle into your space without being obstructive.

Luxury Bath Technologies Los Angeles offers 4.5′ bathtubs for just that purpose, and with a variety of bathtub liner colors and styles, as well as an array of tub styles and colors, you can have the perfect bathtub installed in your bathroom by us. We even have narrow, short walk-in tubs to fit the small bathrooms of those aging in place!

Space-Friendly Small Shower Options

Some small bathrooms don’t even have room for a tub, and with the shower taking up a majority of the floor space, your bathroom is left feeling cramped and hard to move around in. To maximize your floor space, you want a custom small shower that gives you enough room to shower and walk around your bathroom.

Luxury Bath Technologies Los Angeles has and custom-sized shower replacements of 3′ or less in length and width that come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and patterns for ultimate customizability. We even size the shower walls to fit the dimensions of your bathroom to avoid awkward trims.

Convenient Wall Storage Solutions

To truly maximize your shower or tub space, you need an effective storage solution inside your shower or tub. Ideally, you’ll have at least some shower caddies and organizers to keep your hygiene products neatly placed out of the way.

Luxury Bath Technologies Los Angeles offers not only that but niche shelving options and caddies with multiple shelves as well!

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