Why Wet Area Bathroom Upgrades Offer High-Value Results for Your Los Angeles Home

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When you have huge plans for a bathroom remodel, paying close attention to the wet area is crucial. These areas are the most commonly used places in the home aside from your kitchen. A lot goes through wet areas, thanks to everyday use, leading to constant exposure to oils, dirt, and majorly, water. Whether you want a minor makeover or a large-scale project from professional bathroom remodelers, you’ll get high-value results and a return on your investment.

What Are Wet Areas of a Bathroom?

When mapping out your bathroom remodeling project, you can choose to revamp the whole space or focus on vital areas. The wet area is one such place and is usually exposed to constant water flow. This includes the shower and bathtub. Water flows on and through them at varying temperatures, leaving them prone to wear and damage over the years.

You control your wet areas when you remodel or upgrade them with high-quality, waterproof, and durable materials like premium acrylic, stone, and porcelain. Moreover, you can choose from many designs and colors, including Arctic Ice color swatches, Canyon Rock, and Almond. Other impressions include Cobblestone, Hopscotch, Milano, etc. These will keep your wet areas and bathroom functional and convenient.

What Are the High-Value Benefits of Remodeling the Wet Area?

There are many benefits you and your family stand to gain from remodeling the wet areas of your bathroom.

Improved safety is one benefit you can’t compromise on, especially with walk-in tub installation for individuals with limited mobility or at serious risk of falling. Such facilities are safer and generally more convenient.

Bathroom aesthetics is another premium benefit. Leaving your wet area dirty and stained is a recipe for ill-health and bathroom accidents. You can adopt high-value remodeling projects that touch on areas like enclosures, walls, and floors. Not only will you increase functionality, but your property value sharply increases. For example, you can use textured or smooth simulated tile patterns.

What Are the Types of Wet Area Remodeling?

When you’ve chosen a reliable bathroom remodeling contractor for a stress-free bathtub and shower remodel, you can choose any of these options for an improved wet area:

  • Walk-In Shower Installation: Consider this option with older adults in your home or individuals with mobility issues. You can also include waterproof flooring, non-slip flooring, and accessible functions. It can all be customized for more safety and convenience.
  • Tub-to-Shower ConversionWhen your tub is outdated or taking up so much space, convert it via a tub-to-shower remodel. The wet areas can be custom-made with glass doors and classy shower enclosures.
  • Bathtub Replacement: Perhaps you still prefer a bathtub. Swap out the old one and replace it with a top-quality, durable, and stylish bathtub.

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