5 Reasons Why Homeowners Convert Their Tubs into Showers

The bathroom is an essential space in our homes – a sanctuary for many. Over the past few years, a noteworthy trend has emerged: homeowners are swapping their bathtubs for luxurious showers.

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Signs You Need A Walk-In Tub: A Luxurious and Practical Addition

Baths have been a symbol of relaxation and refinement for centuries. From the grand bathhouses of ancient civilizations to modern spa-like retreats, immersing oneself in a tub has offered both physical and mental benefits.

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Benefits of Antimicrobial Tub Technology By Luxury Bath and Microban

Luxury Bath partners with Microban to incorporate their antimicrobial technology into their tub liners to help prevent the growth and spread of harmful bacteria, mold, and mildew. Should you consider one for your bathtub?

By fotex|2023-05-23T23:09:29+00:00May 23, 2023|Bathroom Remodeling|0 Comments
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